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Author: Tigran Petrosyan, Co-founder and CEO at SuperAnnotate

SuperAnnotate’s magicians on our office rooftop in Yerevan.

I know the title may be misleading… This post is not about the models from journals. I want to talk about the models that are the key part of arguably something sexier and magical for many, including my team and I.

Luckily, nature awarded us, human beings, with two fascinating biological cameras. They may not be doing a great job to record, store and analyze all the visual information in their sight over time, but hey, they help us see objects, orient ourselves in space, be fascinated about art, etc. What if…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the future, and you should be ready for it to have a competitive advantage.

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI that provides software applications with the ability to detect patterns and make accurate predictions. ML gave us self-driving cars, email spam filtering, traffic detection, and more.

To train the highest-quality ML models, you need to feed their algorithm with accurate labeled data.

This blog post covers everything you need to know about data labeling to make informed decisions for your business. Here are the questions that this blog post will be answering:

  • What…

AEDIT Case Study
AEDIT Case Study

Company overview

AEDIT builds user-first technology that transforms complicated medical information into easy-to-use tools and engaging resources to empower users throughout their aesthetic journey.

Founded by a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, AEDIT simplifies and safeguards the search for aesthetic solutions and qualified providers. As a single trusted source, AEDIT offers unbiased, medically verified content to educate users before connecting them with vetted, board-certified aesthetic providers.

Our on-demand booking tool allows users to instantly schedule appointments with providers in our network.

The problem

AEDIT needed a platform where they could perform facial and landmark detection and have direct oversight over the annotation…

Spacept SuperAnnotate case study
Spacept SuperAnnotate case study

Company overview

Spacept uses AI to analyze satellite images to prevent fires and power outages caused by extreme weather. Their smart solution is fast, sustainable, and decreases the time and cost needed for infrastructure inspection.

The problem

Global warming is increasingly affecting infrastructure, meaning that inspections are more frequently needed. Spacept tried different annotation platforms for their satellite imagery annotation projects. They were searching for a platform where they can both create high-quality annotations and hire expert annotators.

The solution

SuperAnnotate’s integrated workforce feature and advanced tools

Spacept, like many other computer vision companies, was in need of high-quality outsourced annotators to work on their large-scale projects. …

How IntelinAir built the highest quality datasets with SuperAnnotate
How IntelinAir built the highest quality datasets with SuperAnnotate

Company overview

IntelinAir uses the power of aerial imagery analytics, computer vision, deep learning, and mobile technology to deliver real-time, data-driven decision support to farmers, which helps them manage their operations more effectively.

The problem

IntelinAir was building pixel-accurate annotations for their aerial imagery annotation projects. They were searching for a platform that could deliver higher-quality annotations in less time.

The solution

SuperAnnotate’s platform, for richer tooling and more accurate annotations

IntelinAir has a wide range of annotation projects. Everything from parcel segmentation, crop detection, and plant/tree/flower counting. Many of these tasks have complex, pixel-accurate annotation requirements. IntelinAir built an in-house tool and explored other platforms previously, but was looking for a way to dramatically…

Company overview

Altris AI applies computer vision and deep learning algorithms to build real-time innovative ophthalmology diagnosis support for automatic, structural, and quantitative analysis as well as detection of retinal diseases on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans.

TACK project overview

Civil infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels are directly related to the overall economic and demographic growth of countries all over the world. The majority of these infrastructures are becoming older and they are increasingly prone to catastrophic failures that result in loss of lives and high costs. To prevent infrastructure damage and failure, stringent safety regulations have been recently defined. For this reason, more efficient monitoring systems are required by road administrators to determine the health and safety level of tunnels, bridges, and other infrastructures.

In general, cracks are associated with concrete degradation and reinforcement corrosion which reduces the…


Percepto is a leading provider of autonomous drone-in-a-box solutions for monitoring and securing critical infrastructure and industrial sites. Our advanced, AI-based software provides real-time insights, aiding our customers to assess risk, minimize downtime, drive efficiency, and reduce operational costs without human intervention. Tested in all weather conditions, it is the most rugged platform available today.

Industry: Drones, Aerial Imagery

Image annotation is the process of selecting objects in images and labeling the objects with classes, attributes, and tags to build a set of training data for machine learning models. Preparing image data in this fashion is the backbone of computer vision AI. For example, in order to build a computer vision model to recognize roof types in satellite images, one needs to annotate tens of thousands to millions of images of roofs in different cities, weather conditions, etc.

Fig. 1 / Aerial imaging applications in left to right, top to bottom: roof detection, infrastructure monitoring, road mapping, deforestation monitoring, precision agriculture, road system detection.

Other than for aerial imagery, annotated data is used extensively in autonomous driving, security and surveillance, medical imaging, robotics, retail automation…

As part of our partnership with OpenCV, we are launching the best free annotation tool for the computer vision community.

In this post, I will be introducing SuperAnnotate’s new free-to-use desktop app, discuss some of the reasons why we built it, and share more about many of the features which we feel will dramatically increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of annotation projects. There is a massive functionality gap between free and commercial image annotation tools. SuperAnnotate Desktop is closing this gap by providing the fastest all-inclusive software tool for computer vision engineers to complete their annotation tasks.


  • The world of free image annotation tools
  • Introducing SuperAnnotate Desktop
  • Eight reasons why you should use SuperAnnotate Desktop
  • Importing annotations from other…


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