What's new August 2020

  • Duplicate mode
  • Upload pre-annotation in Pixelwise editor
  • Approve / Disapprove instances
  • Image performance improvements/Autosave

Duplicate mode

The duplicate mode allows the user to speed up their annotation process by duplicating single or multiple instances on any image in the project. Under the duplicate mode, one can easily annotate a batch of consecutive frames, since both the class and the attributes assigned to an instance are duplicated along with the object i. This makes the QA process faster as well since there is less chance of making class or attribute assignment errors when the object is duplicated. The feature comes in handy especially with video annotation or object tracking tasks.

Activating the Duplicate mode/ adding or subtracting instances while duplicating.

Upload pre-annotation in Pixelwise editor

Similar to the vector editor, it is possible to upload your annotations in the pixel Editor as well. The functionality comes in handy for those cases where you are migrating or continuing a project, and do not want to start from scratch.

selecting the annotation format to upload your annotation in
automation your annotation process through upload pre-annotation functionality

Approve / Disapprove instances

Conventionally the Quality Assurance process is considered to be one of the most time-consuming processes in the manual annotation. Incidentally, Quality Assurance is one of the most important processes in the entire annotation pipeline. It ensures adequate model training results, by providing a clean and useful data batch for training. Hence the optimization of the quality assurance process is paramount when it comes to manual annotation.

the disapproved instances change their appearance for the annotators to notice them easily

Image performance improvements/Autosave

In the newest version, the save button is taken out of the sidebar. Instead, the changes in the image are autosaved every time a change is made. This way no change is lost and the user does not have to save constantly or bother about losing their work because of system errors.



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